Nimbus is on a mission to create happy workspace, one clean space at a time. We want to make it easy to manage an office by providing a full-suite solution in office management, from office cleaning to supplies replenishment and maintenance. We want to make local services great again by combining powerful technology with exceptional service. Most importantly, we believe in doing so, we will be able to provide good job opportunities for the people that matters most. To aggressively scale and grow our presence here in Singapore, we’re looking for exceptional people who believe in our mission to come join us.

We Are Hiring - Finance Operations Associate

Job Description by Daniel Thong

For the past couple of years, we have been operating as an office cleaning provider. Unlike other gig-economy platforms, we hire and train cleaners , handy workers as our own employees paying them generous wages and never shirking our responsibilities to them. We believe paying people well is the foundation of any good business and we think there’s a massive opportunity to disrupt the facilities space.

More importantly, providing a great service earns the trust of our customers and allows us to  sell them other office facilities services that we believe we can provide.

Through it all, we have slowly evolved into an office management solution for our customers, tackling a wide variety of services that goes into running an office - from disposal services to landscaping services, setting up a pantry, coffee machine/beans rental to pest control services. These are some of the services we can do for our customers. 

In spite of all this growth, our P&L and budget controls still remains relatively primitive.

We do have our live P&L data, shareholder reports etc but it has never been a priority in the business.

Perhaps it’s because the founders are hands-on sales and process people and not finance people.

Perhaps it’s because we prefer building rather than analysing.

But this is no excuse. As we scale and grow -potentially beyond our shores in the next few years- we acknowledge we now need someone to watch over our financials and our operations from a numerical perspective. Not only because we need it for shareholder accountability purposes, but for future budgeting, fundraising and planning of overseas expansion.

This is just to name a few things you would be doing when you lead the finance team.We will need to also standardise our HR salary ranges, but execute and track our employee share scheme and many more.

How does that challenge sound to you?

Job Description

What will I be doing?

As Finance-Operations, you are mainly responsible for supporting the HQ Team in terms of watching over our budget, creating processes to ensure smooth cash collection, budgeting for overseas expansion, and advising the CEO on the financial implications of certain strategic decisions.

Job scope:



What else will I learn?

Cross-training is something we firmly believe in here at Nimbus. While your function might be in Finance-Ops here at HQ, you will also be provided responsibilities where you could get exposed to other divisions.

What skills do I need?

Perks & Benefits

Who will I be working closely with?

Daniel Thong (Co-Founder)

Daniel has worked in tech for 3 years, helping to launch 2 previous startups from scratch. One in a business development capacity and the other as Country Manager.

Fun Fact: He used to be a former Naval Diver, a Philosophy and Economics major and a historian at Oxford. He loves to build socially impactful businesses and Nimbus is pretty much what occupies him most of the time.

Szehui Tham (People & Finance Operations, Manager)

Szehui loves excel formulas, building dashboards and is core to the company’s smooth operational processes. Extremely amicable and empathetic, she is key to making customers happy again. She is known as the ‘Ops Queen’, the Protector of Jobsites and Payroll…. A true beast! 

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